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Aluminum Photo Panels: These high definition photo panels are scratch and UV resistant. With their high gloss SILVER finish you can really see your pictures POP with an almost 3D look. Colors are bright and vibrant and will stay that way for years however the  silver background does give a mystical tint to the colors. A bit of the silver sihnes thru the picture..

Most importantly the picture is dyed into the surface rather than printed or in effect ink sprinkled onto the surface which eventually can flake off.  These panels are inside use only, i.e., not in direct sunlight!

Note send your picture / JPEG to orders@photogiftsbyss.com and the minimum size file for this product is 2 megabytes. Higher is better.  If you have an older printed picture,  send us an email and we will send forwarding instructions.

Note: If possible, we photo restore color(s) at no charge. Also Picture reconstruction (damaged pictures) is priced at $45.00 / hour!