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7" Clear/Gold Deco Silhouette Acrylic with Gold Pin. This stylish award is available in both 7 & 8 inch sizes with a 4 inch width this can be personalized for any event  recognizing excellence. The award is clear with gold edges and engraving turns writing to frost color.The top is beveled and the included pin screw goes into a threaded hold in the back for upright displaying. You will be asked to approve a proof before production, so make sure we have a good email for you.

Note send your graphics/text / JPEG to We have well over a decade of experience and we specialize in Photographic Engraving which means that all other laser engraving is also done here. As a general rule our minimum DPI for engraving is 600 DPI. Why? Because quality is job one. So if you are using graphics or a logo on your award  Please remember that my ability to produce excellent results depends on the DPI / the quality of the image you give us, Always send the highest DPI without using Photoshop or the like. 

Send us an email at for questions. There are companies that for free will send us large image. Looking forward to amazing you.