Full Coverage T-Shirt

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This product will be personalized as you tell us through picture(s) and or the wording you have entered when you purchase this wonderful personalized product.  You will received a proof, please remember your email. Note Picture(s) are sent email to orders@photogiftsbyss.com. Printed pictures are sent by mail. Email for the address and instructions.

This is a special T-Shirt because it has Full coverage on the front of the T-Shirt. This is side to side and top to bottom.

T-Shirts start with an idea or concept to portray something in many cases. It is a great vacation, a great event, a political statement (of sorts), something of importance or consequence. We take them seriously and we make them using the same process Shirt Manufacturers make dress shirts. Some of the T-Shirts we made for people over ten years ago are still being worn. Why? They still look good. They had the art work / picture dyed into the material and we always use a high DPI for a crisp clear picture with vibrant colors.

100% performance polyester cooling performance T. Ultra tight knit, resists snagging. Very good UV protection. Stain and odor resistant. Moisture management wicks away perspiration from the skin. 

These are art creations and will not be perfect.  

The picture needs to be at least 300 DPI and larger than 1 Megabyte. Order time is three 1/2 weeks.